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Your legs deserve a rest after a hard workout or a hard day at work? The BLACKROLL® COMPRESSION BOOTS can help your legs reduce soreness, relax your muscles, reduce fluid build-up and help relieve heavy legs by increasing circulation. The gentle pressure and massaging action created by pneumatic compression can help you take your relaxation to the next level from the comfort of your couch.

During energy production, metabolic waste products are produced in the body. These must be removed via the blood and our lymphatic system.

By increasing blood flow, metabolic waste products such as lactate can be flushed from the muscles, speeding up the recovery process. The compression promotes blood flow in your feet & legs and studies show that mobility is improved immediately after use. Thanks to the compact and lightweight design with internal tubing, our COMPRESSION BOOTS are ready to use anywhere. With the convenient storage bag, you can easily take the compression boots with you and enjoy a relaxing compression massage – even on the go.

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